Is Your Online Home Value Accurate? More importantly, is there anything you can do about it?

80% of home buyers believe online home values are accurate. If you are thinking about selling in the next year, make sure your online home values are accurate across the major real estate websites and portals.

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As a former employee of Zillow, I’m happy to share my knowledge and years of experience inside where I learned how to manage and take advantage of every nuance the site has to offer.  Let me show you how to claim your home, get an up-to-date real market value report and then make the necessary changes to your home to potentially increase the value of your Zillow Zestimate.

Understanding The Zillow Zestimate

First, you need to see what Zillow is saying your home is worth so that we have a starting point. It’s almost certain you’ll want to change it. You see, Zillow is telling the world what they think your home is worth via their Zestimate. However, they also encourage you to reach out to a local real estate professional to get the “TRUE” market value of your property.

Let Zillow give you a Zestimate, I’m here to give you a Zactimate!


To verify and confirm that the information I share with you here is true, accurate and correct I encourage you to preview YOUR local area and market to see just how accurate or inaccurate Zillow may be using this really cool consumer too called Zillow Date Accuracy Table.

Zillow Accuracy Report Card         Zillow Accuracy Legend

This video explains how the Zillow Zestimate is created and how it uses public record and algorithms etc. to come of with a guestimation of property-values that they refer to as the “Zestimate” but they will also explain and tell you it’s not the Zappraisal, nor is it the Zprice!?


 Call me, email me, text me etc., let me show you how to get your home “LISTED” or “SOLD” at the TRUE market value.