Why Californians Use a REALTOR®

There’s a variety of really good reasons to use a real estate agent “REALTOR®” when buying or selling your home.

We just purchased our 5th home and have never bought or sold any property or home without an agent to represent us.  Some may think that by not using a real estate agent they will save money, but the truth is that not using an agent can actually cost you much more.  Good agents have knowledge you don’t, and that’s power!

Take a look at the info-graphic provided by the California Association of REALTORS® which states that 91% of Californians used a REALTOR® in 2013 and shows why.  I’m curious what the info-graphic looks like in your state?

Info-Graphic Source: California Association of REALTORS®

Real Estate Agents
know a lot of people and how the process works.

Agents can help qualify buyers and then sell your house accordingly. They will advertise for you and this is a huge help. It speeds up the entire process. When buying or selling a house, using a REALTOR® can help save you time and money too. You can utilize the their expertise and experience to help you buy or sell at a “fair-market” selling price.

Every local market across the Country has a different and unique demographic. Make sure you find an agent that knows your local market and pricing, has experience working with both buyers and sellers, and most importantly… understands your needs and displays an obvious desire to exceed your expectations. We did every time, and it was always worth the price.