Cloud Technology Disrupts RE Industry

eXp Realty – The ONLY Agent-Owned Cloud Real Estate Brokerage has set the bar very high for the real estate industry. Using a fully immersive 3D high tech, high touch environment to employ staff and run their International company has drawn the attention of media and real estate professionals from around the world. One of the larger and more typical and traditional big box models has also taken notice. Now they are trying to catch up 8 years later after eXp Realty’s inception.

Here’s a little promo video that they posted on Youtube that really shows no value-proposition or details, it’s more of a hype promo video to try and recapture interest in those they’re losing or have lost to other real estate models and brands. The real questions begging to be asked here are: What’s the value of the eXp Cloud to agents and brokers? What’s the true value to the end user and the most important person in real estate which is the consumer? Finally, what’s the value to our global economy and environment? How is this protecting and preserving the earth?

This “BEFORE” and “AFTER” image clearly defines a HUGE and visible value proposition that is offered by no other real estate brokerage or company in the world.

Brick and Mortar Overhead and Operating Costs

By removing the most expensive overhead and operating costs in running a real estate business, eXp Realty is able to use the monies saved by being in the cloud to pay agents and brokers more in commissions with a much lower CAP allowing them to ultimately receive 100% commission on their transactions.

Ownership and Stock Just for Doing Your Business

eXp Realty is a  publicly traded company Stock Ticker: (EXPI) Agents and Brokers become owners of the company by simply helping consumers buy and sell homes. eXp Realty gives every agent and broker 100 shares of stock on their first closing and even more stock when they CAP. Nobody gives ownership of their company just for going out and doing what you got your real estate license to do!

Revenue Sharing vs Profit Sharing

Agents and Broker Owners at eXp Realty are paid revenue share for efforts in sharing the company model with others and for helping grow not only the company, but their own revenue sharing groups. eXp Realty awards stock for company growth through agent attraction efforts and initiatives.

Education, Training & Support on Demand

Using our exclusive cloud technology to run our company allows all agents and broker owners access to a plethora of live classes, trainings, presentations and a multitude of learning opportunities. Connection with real estate agents and brokers around the world in a non-competitive environment changes the whole real estate game!

Resources, Products, Tools and Services

If you could take your monthly home mortgage payment and put that back into your pocket for the next 6 months, what would you do with the money? Buy better food, nicer close, gifts for others, better phone and laptop? What if you could put that back in your pocket forever? This is what we have done with the real estate buildings and costs associated with running them.

We hire great people, offer superior service, deliver the best products, tools and services all from a fully immersive environment that is accessible 24/7/365 with a simple internet connection. We can invest in the best lead generation, the most powerful technologies and some of the coolest products and tools offered in the industry.

The true value is to the consumer who is buying and selling in today’s market using mobile technology in the process. eXp Realty is protecting the future generations by simply lacking a carbon footprint in society. We have removed the very culprit that is not only destroying the chance of agents and brokers making an income but also destroying our mother earth. There is no agent in the country that needs to sit at a desk in an office to help you or myself buy a home. On the other side, there’s not a consumer in the world who needs an agent in an office to help us buy or sell our homes.

Welcome To The Real Estate Cloud – Welcome To eXp’s World