Let’s compare our home search to the one on Zillow. Start your search here then come back and let us show you the difference in what many 3rd party portals show as inventory and what the real-time up-to-date local MLS’s have to say. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more inventory we actually have available.

This will allow you to search the internet to see what the value of your home is worth today on Zillow. We can show you how to claim your home, edit and change your home facts and stats, adjust the Zillow Zestimate home-value and help understand why you ALWAYS need to talk with an agent? After searching portals that are not connected to the local market of updated homes, you want to let us provide a list of updated homes actually available?

You can change the search parameters and all these tools and website widgets are interactive and real-time.

Lastly, you want the ability to see your local real estate markets statistics. Use this tool to see what’s happening in your area and then again compared to the rest of the world. Thank you for stopping by, let us know what else we can do to assist you further.