How to Find Value in a Real Estate Agent


Perhaps you’re considering buying or selling a home or property in the New Year. For some, the idea of selling a home might seem like a challenge worth taking. For others, the thought of selling or buying a property is incredibly scary and daunting, which is a major reason why real estate agents and brokers exist: to help us with our real estate transactions. Even so, there are some people who question the value in an agent. Because a normal real estate transaction takes on average between 30 to 45 days (there are times when it’s shorter or much longer), it might seem as though an agent gets a lot more out of the transaction than they put in, prompting a buyer or seller to attempt the transaction on his/her own. What many people don’t realize is the incredible value offered to buyers and sellers by using an agent. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the New Year, read below to find out all the value you receive by using a real estate agent.

Pre-Listing Activities


A huge value offered by hiring a real estate agent is all the work that occurs before your property is even listed on the market. A good agent will not only arrange appointments and other meetings with the seller, he or she will also research comparable properties and the MLS or public record sales activity, download and review the property tax information, and research and review a number of things pertaining to the property like the ownership and deed type, public record information for lot size/dimensions, the legal description and current use and zoning. The pre-listing process ensures the property is ready for the market. It can be tedious, but part of the value in using a real estate agent is the agent does these items and more for you.



Long gone are the days when a home sold because there was a sign in the front yard or an ad in the newspaper. With the advent of social media, exposure and marketing are huge assets to any seller. One value afforded to a seller through an agent is the amount of exposure and marketing available to them via the agent. Not only will your property be listed on the agent’s site and the agent’s company site (if they have one), you will also have the added benefit of your home likely appearing on the agent and company’s social media accounts (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Many of us don’t have the time to properly market a home or property because of other commitments (jobs and family). With a real estate agent, the marketing and exposure of a listing takes top priority with the agent because it’s essential to an eventual sale. Not only will the agent prepare all the marketing materials, but s/he handles internet and social media marketing, hosts open houses and networks with other agents. Marketing is a huge part of any successful business, and selling a home is no different. Agents offer a tremendous value in terms of marketing and exposure of a property – don’t miss out on this added value by avoiding a real estate agent.



There is a reason why real estate agents do what they do for a living: selling or buying a home is a major life event. Most people wouldn’t try to negotiate the stock market with their life savings if they didn’t know what they were doing, and the same can be said for navigating the real estate market. A home purchase or sale is a major transaction, and a real estate agent knows the ins and outs of a sale or purchase. With selling, there is the initial offer, the counter offer, and the period after acceptance of the offer. When it comes to buying, an agent is skilled at negotiation and will be able to provide assistance when it comes to home inspections, repairs and other items. For the seller, he or she will also be able to provide advice if there are any requests for concessions from the buyer. Sellers and buyers alike benefit from all a real estate agent can offer.

Smooth Transaction


When it comes to the thick of it, most buyers and sellers want the entire transaction to be as smooth and successful as possible. Success comes with experience, and a professional real estate agent offers experience. One of the true values in all that an agent offers is experience – agents know the market, they are efficient at their jobs, they know how to help if there are financing problems. They know how to deal with any objections or complaints from buyers; they deal directly with contracts and escrow, and they ultimately keep everything on track. The value in an agent is tenfold when you consider all the benefits of having one on your side during a real estate transaction.