Our community is where we come together to help one another and be a resource to our fellow neighbors and their families. Please join our community and neighborhood activities and communication center at NEXTDOOR.com.  It’s our way to stay in touch, meet and know our neighbors and have a private social environment online where we can share, learn, grow and build a better community for us all.

Don’t be that guy/gal that only comes out and meets the neighbors when the Fire Truck or ambulance comes down your street!?!   :-O


Take a moment to enter your neighborhood, our community, or any hyper-local area to see what the Walk Score rating is for that particular location? This tool provides our clients with the ability to know more about their local area including dining, shopping, medical, transportation and so much more. Try it. Enter any home address in the country to see your walkscore but to also see some things you may not have known about your own neighborhood. This provides an added value of service to our clients.


You can also search our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for homes and then check to see what’s within walking distance of that home. This is good information for your family to access and use in a the new neighborhood where you might be moving to soon… that’s my hope and goal anyway. Let’s get to work and find you that American Dream!