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eXp Realty is currently one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate firms, based on an agent-owned cloud-brokerage model with more than 2100+ agents in 41 States, D.C., and 1 Canadian Province. So what makes it better?

Unlike traditional brokerages, eXp only has 1 compliance broker per state – and instead of giving all your splits to the broker in charge (BIC), you keep a bigger percentage of the commission. The broker still reviews the files to keep the agents and the state compliant.

In addition to your own commissions, you also make a percentage of commissions for all the agents you refer to eXp until they hit their cap.

Listen to this in-depth interview with Brad Andersohn where he explains what makes the eXp model so absolutely irresistible to agents in all markets, and at all levels of experience!


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The traditional real estate model and brokerage is 110 years old now. Isn’t it time to take a close look at how well it’s serving your career? The world is mobile now and we have internet and wifi.  It’s time to consider something better: take a look at eXp Realty today.

     Agent Testimonials

”eXp is the national leader in providing brokerage service value. Since joining eXp, my expectations have been exceeded. I strongly recommend exploring the company…..“ – Jim Bilbao, Seattle, Washington

• ”I’ve been looking for a forward thinking, tech savvy real estate company for a long time. I’m so happy that I’ve finally found it at eXp!….“ – Rich Cederberg, Albuquerque, New Mexico

”Based on the way that the commission is structured at eXp I am keeping significantly more of my earned commissions in my pocket and I just love that. ….“ – Dana Ehrlich, Santa Monica, California

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